All about The Pamper Kingdom

So, let me tell you a little fairy-tale... (sort of)…

Not so long ago, there lived a lady called Hayley who thought that one day she might like to begin her very own business that she could run from home, so she started making plans to do so. She tried and succeeded in many crafts, but she felt she hadn’t found the craft that she would like to do for the rest of her life… until she discovered soap making…

Hayley already had a fantastic company name for her soaps, but she felt something wasn’t quite right – she felt it wasn’t as magnificent as it should be for the products she had planned, so she set upon a quest to create a brand-new name.

Having created many wonderful products over the years, and ensuring they included ingredients fit for royalty, Hayley decided that the business name should have some similar meaning. After thinking for a long time, she finally decided what it should be. She renamed her business The Pamper Kingdom.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Hayley’s business has slowly grown, she has amazing recipes, and her mind is always thinking of new ideas!

After some difficult times, Hayley is finally able to pursue her dreams and share her wonderful products with everyone. Her hard work and determination, formulating and making products enable Hayley to use her creativity in a way she loves whilst building a business for her family.

2020 brings another face to TPK - Hayley's sister, Jodie - she's able to do everything Hayley can do - designing, problem-solving, organisation, creating, and everything else, so she's a great asset to TPK!

You’re all invited to join us on the way to our happy ever after.

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