Buying hand-crafted soap vs. mass-produced

Did you know?

Your skin is the largest part of your body. Here is a little video I made a short while ago with some fun facts on skin.

Deciding to buy small business products or mass-produced? 

Let me follow up this question with a few things that could help you decide...

Product comparison

Most people don't think to consider comparing mass produced products with hand-made products. The price labels vary greatly, and small businesses just can't compete with big company prices. Mass produced products can be produced in the thousands (or even millions!), saving those companies thousands of pounds in money and unmeasurable amounts of time due to machinery manufacturing. Small businesses however are only able to create small batches which takes time to do and costs more.

Product Pricing / Manufacturing

Hand-made / hand crafted products do carry a higher price. This is due to being created in much smaller quantities and the fact that small scale businesses aren't always able to buy ingredients in such large quantities as the larger companies, so although crafters and small scale businesses want to pass savings onto their customers, they are limited in a sense due to how much of each ingredient they can afford to order in one purchase. 

Business employees

Small businesses don't tend to have many employees, whereas large companies usually employ people to do specific work on their behalf - for example, in my business, I research information on ingredients I'd like to use, I decide on and test my own recipes, along with designing my products and labels too. I do not employ anyone, as my turnover isn't anywhere near enough for me to be able to provide a wage for employees, so everything that needs doing is down to me.

Hand crafted vs. Mass produced 

Mass-produced soaps are created to do a job - to clean. Due to their specific cleaning ability and lack of moisturising oils, this gives the false impression that using these soaps have helped to prevent skin conditions, whereas they may have actually caused problems such as dry skin in the first place. Although these soaps do clean, they can also be damaging. Handcrafted soaps, although they do a great job of cleaning too, they are much better for the skin as they are intentionally created with wonderfully moisturising ingredients (they often have 'extra' moisturising oils and butters added) to make the product much better for the skin.

Also, as hand crafted products are made in small batches, the care and quality going into the products are much greater than mass produced products created in the millions, and by heavy machinery.  Hand-crafted products are almost always higher in price, but this is because they are made in small batches and are much higher quality. Mass produced soaps are lower in quality and are often dehydrated in order to ensure the bars last longer so people think they're getting a good quality product for their money.


Save yourself a few £'s by purchasing products that are low priced, high in cleansing, low in moisturising and mass produced.


Treat your skin by purchasing products that have been created in small batches, by people who love what they do and ensure their products are created with real skin care in mind. 

Your choice!

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