R & R - not rest and relaxation though...

Rules & Regulations

When I first decided to start making and selling soap, I came across so many Rules & Regulations that I was ALMOST put off.

I shall list what I can here...

  1. Research - it took me months of research before I  knew enough to create my products.

  2. What products? Deciding on products was quite hard for me - I started with 12 soaps and looking back, I wish I had played around with designs before putting them on the market.

  3. Designs - creating designs is so important & it’s taken me the entire time of my business (just over 2 years now) to find and settle on my designs. I now decide on designs ahead of sending my recipes in to my Cosmetic Safety assessor.

  4. Cosmetic Safety Assessment (CSA) - for any skin product created, you MUST hold a CSA on it. There are no ‘ways around it’. It’s a legal requirement and if you do not do this and are found out (which does happen), and will probable be forced to stop trading and / or fined.

  5. CPNP - Cosmetic Product Notification Portal - EVERY product must be uploaded onto the CPNP BEFORE you can put your products on the market ... this was such a pain in the a*** as although it’s self explanatory, I found it very difficult to work with... I got there in the end though and 2 years on, I’m happy to finally know what and when to upload them. 

  6. Deciding where to sell your products - When I first decided on selling bath and body products, I attended a lot of craft fayres where I had lots of interaction with my customers. This was great, as I could answer any questions they had. I have had my website for a little over a year now, and  due to moving in June this year, I have not attended any fayres yet, but I do have 2 Christmas fayres planned in the next few weeks. Having my website has helped me keep sales going during the time I have been unable to attend the fayres.

  7. Spreading the word - Getting your business name out there isn’t easy, but there are ways to do it free if you’re low on funds or low costs of you do decide to pay for advertising - 

  8. Business cards

  9. Leaflets / Flyers

  10. Word of mouth

  11. Facebook

  12. Twitter

  13. Instagram

I wanted to share this information with you to show you just how important it is to have CSA’s in place... no assessor would allow any illegal ingredients in your recipes & wouldn't assess a product that isn't suitable for the skin, but providing you follow the Rules & Regulations, your business (and customers!!) will be safe... for those who ignore them, I hope this post has been helpful & that it has helped you decide where to start following the legalities of making and selling your own bath & body products.

Thanks for reading

H 💕

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