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A bunch of cosmetic makers within the EU have discussed this topic a lot, and we are rather worried with the number of people who are selling products they have made without having their products assessed by a chartered cosmetic chemist.

There are specific rules and regulations to which we must abide by when making and selling cosmetics within the EU, (read about them more here), and those who think they can make a quick money by selling products without safety assessments* are clearly not thinking of their customers safety (or about their own needs as a business either).

*Even items made from boxed kits need a safety assessment before you can sell items to the general public, although if you use a kit to create gifts for friends and family, you will not need these assessments (but you do if you're planning to sell).

By abiding by the EU regulations, as a business, not only are we ensuring our products are safe for you, but we are also providing you, our customers with reassurance that we have done all that we can within our power to keep you safe.

We know that each of the rule abiding EU cosmetic producers we speak for here have worked (and continue to work) their backsides off in order to research and produce amazing products for your skin at reasonable prices.

As small businesses, we can not afford to make mistakes (and nor would we want to), so we abide by the regulations... pretty easy huh?

There are no short cuts in safety.

As well as abiding by the EU cosmetic regulations, we must upload information to the CPNP (Cosmetics Product Notification Portal), as the responsible person for our products.

We must also keep Product information files (PIF’s) and batch logs on each of our products. Admittedly it is a lot of paperwork, but it’s a small price to pay for ensuring safety.

Along with the things we have to do before putting our products onto the market and assessments not being cheap now or in the past, we can not express how important safety assessments are. Without them, someone could have an allergic reaction, or if something is too potent, it could cause many reactions - many of which could be avoided by abiding by the regulations.

If you are a cosmetic product manufacturer (big or small), selling skin products that do not have safety assessments, do you think your insurance provider and solicitor would stand up for you in court, arguing your case should you get into trouble?

Even if you do not have assessments for your products, and if you haven’t followed the regulations?

Would they back you up?

We doubt it very much.

Without safety assessments, you would not stand a chance in court, and it would probably make your insurance (if you have it) invalid too – your business and customer loyalty would no doubt be ruined - after all, who would want to purchase further products from a manufacturer who has already broken rules? - We wouldn't.

Also, if you purchase from someone without asking if they have assessments, you are putting yourself or whoever you’re buying for at risk.

We have also seen people selling intentionally for children under 3 too … again, there is even more, stricter testing, on top of standard assessment for this type of product…and yes, this is not cheap, but if you really want to sell directly for children, please for goodness sake get the relevant EXTRA tests done! (If you're buying, ask if their products are assessed and if they hold paperwork confirming they are children / baby safe & even ask for their assessors' name).

Products created by and before The Pamper Kingdom Ltd. are all safety assessed, and suitable for use of ages 3 years and above. We always express this intensely to people interested in our products, because as a respectful seller, and as a business who cares about our customers, we do what we can to prevent any harm happening.

Anyone selling in specific to children without a general safety assessment is highly unlikely to have paid for extra assessments on top for special child related safety assessments, so please think (and ask) before you buy!

We would be delighted to be asked about and to tell people all about the safety assessor who does our assessments for us, and we are sure that we are not the only cosmetic manufacturers that would.

What we're trying to say is that for those of you buying soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars, body butters and other skin care products (cosmetics) from people, (including make up / deodorant manufactured by small businesses), please keep yourself and the people you are buying for safe by making sure the person / company that you are purchasing from follows all rules and regulations needed within the EU.

For anyone wishing to look into the safety assessments for cosmetics, or EU regulations, there is a lot of information on the European Cosmetic Legislation, a lot which can be found here but be prepared to spend hours and hours discovering a whole lot of information that you probably had no idea that even existed…We didn’t know anywhere near enough when we first started out.

Our cosmetic safety assessor is Scott Grainger, who has an impressive history of academic achievements, as well as 20+ years experience in the chemical and products safety and over 7 years experience in the small scale manufacturing and development of cosmetics.

Scott’s company provides Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (certification) as required by EU regulation 1223/2009 before any product can be sold legally in the UK or EU.

More details can be found about Scott and the assessment packages he offers here:

Another thing certified creators can join is the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers. Created and run solely by Michael O'Sullivan after a bad experience with a non compliant seller, this guild is only accessible to those who can prove they have taken it upon themselves to have their products safety assessed.

Here is the Guild website

We are happy to answer questions if we can, so please ask – if we are unable to help you, we shall try to point you in the direction of someone else who can.

Thanks for reading


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